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Serving the National Weather Service and the public of Nassau County, Long Island, New York
Our Call Sign is WX2LI
Bruce Gronich, K2BRG
Mathew Berman, KC2YDT
Deputy Coordinator
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Skywarn Net Information

The Nassau County Skywarn Net is activated when severe weather is in or nearing our area. Scheduled nets are held Tuesdays following the 7:30PM VHF Traffic Net on the 146.805 repeater.
Primary 146.805 (-)
Secondary 147.135 (+)

The PL for both is 136.5
APRS 144.390

Net Scripts
Script Type File Format
Warm Weather pdf word
Cold Weather pdf word
Weekly Training pdf word

NOAA Radio 162.550mhz
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For more information regarding Amateur Radio Emergency Communications...

Dave Akins, AK1NS
ARES DEC, Nassau County

Jim Mezey, W2KFV
ARRL Section Manager

Visit Nassau ARES

Safety Statement
Your most important responsibility as a Skywarn Spotter is safety- your safety and the safety of others. Participation in the Skywarn Program does not grant you any special authority or privilege. In other words, you may not violate any traffic law or operate your vehicle in an unsafe manner. You have no authority to place your vehicle in a location that impedes the flow of traffic. The use of any emergency lighting with the exception of factory installed four-way blinkers is not acceptable.

NWS Upton
NWS Reporting Criteria

Nassau County Skywarn Reporting Criteria for Warm Weather

HIGHEST PRIORITY/Life Threatening Criteria...please contact the NWS by phone.

  • Any deaths or injuries associated with hazardous weather.
Other High Priority/Life Threatening Criteria

  • Funnel or wall clouds.
  • Clusters of "Virga" that expand as they descend beneath the cloud base.
  • Thunderstorms with wind gusts of at least 58 mph, or that cause structural damage to homes, power lines, or whole trees.
  • Hail 3/4 inch in diameter (about the size of a penny) or greater.
  • Flooding of rivers or streams into homes or industries.
  • Also stream, river, or poor drainage urban flooding which make roadways totally impassable.
  • Rainfall reports following a short (less than 1 hour) torrential downpour e.g., 0.7 inches in 15 mins., 1.2 inches in 20 mins.
  • Report 2 inches of rain in 3 hours.
  • Report 1 inch of rain or more in an hour (urban areas).
Other Priority Items

  • Thunderstorm gusts of 40-57 mph.
  • These are strong enough to down tree limbs.
  • Hail of any size less than 3/4 inch in diameter.
  • Event total rainfall.
  • Rises of streams or rivers to bankfull condition.
During Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warnings...

Never go to the shore to investigate it yourself, and EVACUATE immediately if told to do so by Emergency Management Personnel.

  • Please report only the Life Threatening Criteria listed above.
  • Report any wind gusts 58 mph or greater.
  • Any KNOWN storm surge inundations of coastal areas.
  • The highest wind gust during the tropical storm/hurricane.
  • The lowest barometric pressure and time it occurred.
  • Event total rainfall.

When providing your observation, always provide your exact location, the condition, and the time.

Nassau County Skywarn Net Reporting Criteria for Cool Weather

HIGHEST PRIORITY Items (important whether or not SKYWARN has been activated):

  • Any deaths or injuries associated with hazardous weather.
  • Damaging wind gusts of 58 mph or higher, whether or not accompanied by a thunderstorm.
  • If you are unsure of the speed, report any downed trees or power lines or structural damage to homes (e.g. slates off roof, antenna downed).
  • Flooding of streams and rivers onto roadways, homes or businesses.
  • Urban flooding significant enough to make roadways or underpasses impassable.
  • Two inches of rain within a twelve hour period.
  • One inch of rain in an hour in urban areas.
  • Heavy accumulation of ice which downs trees or power lines.
  • Ice jams on rivers or streams which produce flooding.
Other Priority Items:

  • Estimated wind gusts from 40-57 mph.
  • Freezing rain or sleet occurring when none is forecast.
  • A thunderstorm in progress when none is forecast.
  • Presence of rain when only frozen precipitation is forecast (sleet, snow, and/or freezing rain).
  • Rain or snowmelt which causes minor roadway flooding or flooding of streams.
  • Blowing or drifting snow which closes roadways.
  • Snowfall Reporting Criteria:
Please use the following criteria to report snowfall:

  • When snow accumulates 1 inch (especially if none is forecast).
  • When snow accumulates 3 inches (the NWS issues an advisory for 4 inches).
  • When snow accumulates 5 inches (the NWS issues a warning for 6 inches).
  • When snow accumulates 1 inch per hour.
  • Storm Total Snowfall

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