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Serving the National Weather Service and the public of Nassau County, Long Island, New York
Our Call Sign is WX2LI
Bruce Gronich, K2BRG
Mathew Berman, KC2YDT
Deputy Coordinator
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Skywarn Net Information

The Nassau County Skywarn Net is activated when severe weather is in or nearing our area. Scheduled nets are held Tuesdays following the 7:30PM VHF Traffic Net on the 146.805 repeater.
Primary 146.805 (-)
Secondary 147.135 (+)

The PL for both is 136.5
APRS 144.390

Net Scripts
Script Type File Format
Warm Weather pdf word
Cold Weather pdf word
Weekly Training pdf word

NOAA Radio 162.550mhz
Listen to the Hourly Roundup!
Listen to NOAA All Hazards

For more information regarding Amateur Radio Emergency Communications...

Dave Akins, AK1NS
ARES DEC, Nassau County

Jim Mezey, W2KFV
ARRL Section Manager

Visit Nassau ARES

Safety Statement
Your most important responsibility as a Skywarn Spotter is safety- your safety and the safety of others. Participation in the Skywarn Program does not grant you any special authority or privilege. In other words, you may not violate any traffic law or operate your vehicle in an unsafe manner. You have no authority to place your vehicle in a location that impedes the flow of traffic. The use of any emergency lighting with the exception of factory installed four-way blinkers is not acceptable.

NWS Upton
Regional Skywarn Information


(P=Primary, A=Alternate)
County P/A Repeater / Frequency Offset PL
NYC / Long Island
Suffolk P K2SPD - 145.310 -600 kHz 118.8
  A 145.330 -600 kHz 136.5
Nassau P 146.805 -600 kHz 136.5
  A 147.135 +600 kHz 136.5
NYC - 5 Boroughs P 147.000 -600 kHz 136.5
Lower Hudson Valley
Orange P WA2VDX - 146.760 -600 kHz 100.0
Putnam P K2PUT - 145.130 -600 kHz 136.5
Rockland P WB2RRA - 147.165 +600 kHz 114.8
A N2ACF - 146.460 +1000 kHz 114.8
Westchester P WB2ZII - 147.060 +600 kHz 114.8
Northeast New Jersey
Bergen/Passaic P W2PQG - 146.700 -600 kHz 141.3
  A W2MPX - 145.450 -600 kHz 100.0
Hudson P W2ODV - 446.575 -5 mHz 107.2
  A KC2IES - 441.550 +5 mHz 91.5
  A KC2JES - 441.250 +5 mHz 127.3
Essex P WA2JSB - 146.415 +1 mHz 85.4
Union P W2LI - 147.255 +600 kHz 141.3
Southern Connecticut
Fairfield - North P W1QI - 147.300 +600 kHz 100.0
Fairfield - South P K1OF - 147.390 +600 kHz none
Fairfield - countywide A 146.535 SIMPLEX
New Haven/Middlesex P N1LFE - 147.505 -1 mHz 77.0
New London P 146.730 -600 kHz 156.7
  A 146.970 -600 kHz 156.7

Scott Reynolds KC2JCB, NWS SKYWARN Coordinator
Gary Conte, NWS OKX Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Regional SKYWARN Coordinators for Amateur Radio
NWS Appointed Positions
Coordinator - Bob Giglio N2JJM
Deputy Coordinator - vacant



Name Callsign
NYC / Long Island
Suffolk Coordinator Paul Beeman W2PB
  Deputy Walter Wenzel KA2RGI
  Deputy - East Bobby Haase Jr. KC2HLQ
Nassau Coordinator Bruce Gronich K2BRG
  Deputy Mathew Berman KC2YDT
NYC - 5 Boroughs Coordinator vacant  
  Deputy vacant  
Lower Hudson Valley
Orange Coordinator Steve Fleckenstein N2UBP
  Deputy Barbara Christopher N2AWI
Putnam Coordinator Bob Schneider KC2CWT
  Deputy Joel Rappaport WA2AWG
Rockland Coordinator Alan Goodman N2CYC
  Deputy Joe Lafiandra N2LF
Westchester Coordinator Alesandro Sicilia N2TWN
  Deputy Terry Long KC2BUV
Northeast New Jersey
Northern NJ ARRL Section Appointed
District Emergency Coordinator for SKYWARN - George Sabbi KC2GLG
Bergen Coordinator Mike Adams WA2MWT
  Deputy David Kozinn K2DBK
  Deputy George Sabbi KC2GLG
Passaic Coordinator Paul Beshlian KC2CJW
  Deputy - West vacant  
  Deputy - East vacant  
Hudson Coordinator Tony Mondaro KC2NYJ
  Deputy Bill Unger KC2FYA
Essex Coordinator Stan Rogacki WA2EXX
  Deputy Jon Burchfield KJ2N
Union Coordinator Kymm Balinth-Regan KY2MMM
  Deputy Gerry Miller AA2ZJ
  Deputy Harry O'Donnell KB2MDO
Southern Connecticut
Connecticut ARRL Section Appointed
District Emergency Coordinator for SKYWARN - Phil Berkowitz WX1CT
Fairfield Coordinator Phil Berkowitz WX1CT
  Deputy - North Brent Hurlock N1RRD
  Deputy - South John Kalotai N1OLO

New Haven /

Coordinator Glenn Krieger N1HAW
Deputy Jim Williams N1GPB
New London Coordinator James McBride KD1LD
  Deputy vacant  

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